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Our Home is a cultural and wellbeing space. An environment where our members can participate in discussions, courses and workshops on habit changing, stress management, interpersonal skills, conflict management, productivity, good nourishment and self-knowledge, as well as private or small group classes developing breathing, relaxation, physical techniques, focus and meditation.


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The technical part of the DeROSE Method is taught in small group or individual classes. We have a big amount of complimentary activities as well, inside and outside of the school. Such as, gourmet, brunches, courses and workshops, festivals and trips around the world. We organize all these activities to experience the concepts of good nutrition, good culture, good human relations, etc.

Check our broad timeline, with classes and activities from 7:30am to 8pm. We are open on the weekends as well.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:30 Intermediate Beginner Intermediate Beginner
8:30 Breakfast Breakfast
11:00 Beginner Beginner Beginner Beginner
12:00 Intermediate
12:30 Lunch Lunch Beginner
Lunch Strength & Flexibility Lunch Beginner
15:00 Courses
Cultural outgoings
17:00 Beginner Beginner
17:30 Chai hour  
18:00 Intermediate Beginner Intermediate Beginner Body awareness & Movement
19:00 Beginner
Emotional management
Mental power
Beginner Advanced class
with Diretor
Strength & Flexibility
20:00 Dinner Dinner

High Performance

Mentalization class
Dinner Beginner
Philosophy & Culture
20:45 WEB class with Systematizer Mentalization circle
21:15 Philosophical deepening Gourmet
Cine night
Cultural outgoings
At mealtime you can bring your friends
Green - Techniques, which make up about 20% of the DeRose Method
Gray - Concepts, which are the most relevant component of the DeRose Method


We have hundreds of Certified Instructors around the world: USA (including Hawaii), England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and other countries. We teach executives from large corporations, high achieving entrepreneurs and top athletes how to maximize their potential and cultivate quality of life.

Eduardo Saldanha CEO of the DeROSE Method São Sebastião

Wandering through a bookstore, he found a book by the writer DeRose that touched him deeply, by seriousness and approach.

He began practicing in 2002 driven by this book. At the time it was just like any activity, but it soon turned into more than expected.

He began to use the Method as an integral development tool, which produced in him a whole series of results, both in terms of energy and self-knowledge. Through this process, he realized the vocation to teach this art. And so he did.

In all these years he has had the honor of working with some of the best professionals in our field, and having much more contact with the writer and philosopher DeRose, which has been a real lever and at the same time a privilege of which he is eternally grateful.

Touches him especially the maxim "Change the World, start for yourself," because our way is the way of example.

He graduated in Finance and Master of Economics with a postgraduate degree in Project Management of Investment.
He worked for several years in the financial area and as Controller in the companies, IFADAP (now IFAP), STEF-TFE, Neocell, PLMJ.
In the Military Institute of Army Pupils was member and dynamizer of the Special Class of Gymnastics, ex-libris of the Institute.
He currently serves as CEO at DeROSE Method São Sebastião.


The DeRose Method is a course? How does it work?

a) The DeRose Method consists of cultural activities like theoretical classes, practical workshops, parties, dinners, video showings, events, festivals, weekend outings, trips, all aimed at transmitting our Culture through camaraderie and living by example.

b) On the other hand, we have regular classes for beginners and advanced students. These regular classes teach respiratory re-education, stress management, organic body techniques that improve muscle tone and flexibility, and procedures that enhance emotional relaxation and mental concentration.


Who is it for?

Our Method is designed for young adults; nevertheless, this does not mean that those who are older can't practice. It is sufficient to be in good shape and in good health.


Is it associated with any religion or sport? Or, that has nothing to do with it?

No, that has nothing to do with it.


Do people need to sign-up for a membership?

We have plans with varying class frequencies at our Cultural Spaces. Upon enrolling, the practitioner chooses a monthly plan and can participate in numerous cultural activities and regular weekly classes according to the plan chosen, ranging from once per week to everyday.


How long have you been around?

Our Method commemorated 60 years in 2020, although it only developed into its current format a few years ago.


What country initially began to utilize the designation DeRose Method?

The designation DeRose Method began in France, and then expanded to England, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the United States. It is widespread in Brazil and Argentina, where there is a great number of DeRose Method schools.


Is participation in classes, sessions and workshops for a limited time?

The plans can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annually.


With what periodicity do these activities occur?

• We have cultural activities that occur once a month;
• other activities, once a week;
• the regular classes, with a duration of one hour, occur every weekday between 7:30AM to 8PM, and Saturday morning;
• other activities, like courses and events, take place on the weekdays or the weekends.

The individual chooses to participate in what suits them.


How much time in hours?

The basic plan includes activities nearly everyday and two weekly hour-long regular classes. According to the practitioner's time availability, they can enjoy as much as they want.


Are there closed group classes?

Enrollment is open year round, but activities and classes are subject to limited availability. Since we specialize in offering personalized services we have limited vacancies. Some activities have waiting lists.


What happens at the encounters?

It could be social cultural activities or training techniques.

The cultural activities include video screenings, culinary encounters, lunches, dinners, tours, trips, workshops, lectures, courses, events, reading groups, attending to DeRose festivals, ceremonies, exhibitions, theatrical performances and many others.

On the other hand, in a regular practice we teach respiratory techniques, corporal techniques that develop strength, flexibility, corporal consciousness, as well as muscular relaxation and mental concentration techniques. In general, the regular class lasts about an hour.


What are the practitioners like?

The practitioners are young adults, men and women (about 60% men), mostly between 18 and 48 years old. They are engineers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, executives, artists, athletes, and students, among many other professions.