• 98% feel that they are better at stress management;
• 96% feel that they have more Energy and Vitality;
• 90% feel that they have sharper focus;
• 88% feel that they are more efficient at accomplishing their goals.

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ROY GEERTSF. Renault 1.6 champion
Currently driving Renault RS01

CHRIS SZYMCZAKMX-5 Champion in 2013



JAIME ALGUESUARIEntrepreneur and Former F1 Car Driver

LUIZ GUIDA4 x brazilian SUP race champion
Vice-world champion Hawaii Canoe

JEFF CAMPACCIFMX Motocross biker

TESTIMONIALSWhat our members are saying

If you would tell me how the DeRose Method would improve my behavior, my professional and affective relationships, and my performance in all my day-to-day activities, so quickly and effectively, I would not believe.
You have to experience, in practice, to feel its strong effects. From the first lesson, concentration and clearing of my technique and pianistic sensibilities have increased consistently. Problems and conflicts between colleagues, family, and friends that once seemed to me normal in the life of any person, were gradually resolved as, through interaction with DeRose Method practitioners and students, I became acquainted with more effective to not generate or enter into enmities.
I create, from the work on self-knowledge advocated by the DeRose Method, an increasingly positive, energetic and efficient version of myself. I never thought there could be a school where joy and demand, fun and seriousness, intimacy and trust, could so consistently be in harmony. It is given to experiencing each student a method that goes far beyond an intense physical and emotional improvement.
The DeRose Method is a method for every moment of my life.

Diogo SimõesClassical Pianist and Piano Teacher

The DeRose Method appeared in a very active way in my life, not only by the techniques but much more by the application of its concepts.
My profession requires a physical, mental and behavioral well-being that often the tension of the moments of imminent danger, may be compromised and influence essential and basic values to solve all odds that I come across, day by day.
The improved performance, both in the daily operation as in simulators evaluation sessions, has been exponential.
The set of techniques, from breathing to all those for the improvement of physical condition and awareness, give me the basis for greater judgment when making the right decisions, which is often the case in license evaluation / revalidation sessions and also on flights that sometimes can reach 11h30 , always sitting at the aircraft controls.
The calculation of intuition was appearing naturally and spontaneously. Conflict management is undoubtedly a teaching that has helped me to judge less and to better understand the other crew members in a much more constructive and healthy way.

Pedro MamedeAirline Pilot

The immense aspects that the DeRose Method, and particularly the team led by Eduardo Saldanha, has allowed me to improve, I emphasize interpersonal intelligence, particularly in the development of harmonious connection with others, in the importance that this has been shown in the leadership and intelligent management of teams.

Joaquim SimplicioDirector - Insurance company

My first contact with the DeRose Method was through a stress management workshop. After only 4 hours I realized that all that was taught made sense and I decided to sign up!
My life has changed not only in the management of stress but because gradually I have known me better and the dynamics of life; moreover gained a family of true friends, TOP!

Sónia GodinhoNaturopath and Nurse