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Unlock your Power Skills

Achieve Adaptability, Resilience & Stress Tolerance to thrive in 2022

With Ric Soares

Great mental well-being.
Peak performance.

January 27th, 6pm EST

+ Bonus: 14-days trial for our mental well-being platform

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Unlock your Power Skills

Free workshop
Start your journey to develop the necessary skills to achieve adaptability, resilience & stress tolerance.

Also, learn how to use mental well-being as a tool to unlock your peak performance in 2022.

Gain access to a Mental Well-being Platform

Put in practice what you learned in the workshop with the guidance of our world-class instructors.

You will have 14 days of full access to our real-time classes and workshops to develop mental well-being.

There are almost 24 hours of classes every day, and they are all taken online. You only need to have access to the internet.

Receive your Skills-Development Roadmap

Step 1. Take our Power Skills Assessment ®.

Step 2. Count with the personal guidance of one of our instructors.

Step 3. Receive a unique plan to develop the skills you need to thrive in 2022.

Only 9.2% of American adults achieve their new year’s resolutions and overcome bad habits — according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute.

Every beginning of the year, everyone is excited to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions.


However, what happens is that usually this feeling doesn’t last long.

Sooner or later, we fall into routine life and forget what matters most: our fulfillment.


As the year goes by, we conquer cool things, collect good moments, but in the end, it seems like the most important thing is missing. That change of lifestyle, career, or building the venture you’ve been planning for years, everything that —again— didn’t get off the ground.


The problem is that we never learned how to deal with the journey of achieving big goals. We never learned how to increase our energy level, focus, adaptability, and handle stressful times.


So, how could someone who works full time get off the paper that dream of starting their own business?


How would someone who has built a career in an area suddenly be able to handle the pressure of changing it?


How can anyone radically change a lifestyle that has been repeated for decades?


It’s complicated and complex work if you don’t know the right tools.

You can even find hundreds of great books on performance, mindset, or biohacking, but the truth is, most people who read them are still in the 90.8% who don’t make their New Year’s resolutions.


The problem with this self-taught journey is the lack of support and guidance. That’s why many people take courses and read as many books as possible but still don’t achieve solid results.


So to fill this gap, we created this workshop to show you in real-time how to develop your mental well-being and use it as a catapult to reach your peak performance.


That’s what you need to build the foundation to reach your goals in 2022.


In it, you will be able to interact to clear up all your questions, and at the end, you will gain 14 days of access to our platform.


There, you will have the help of our instructors to put into practice everything taught in the workshop — no self-teaching and lack of guidance here!


Finally, you will take our Power Skills Assessment® and receive individual guidance from one of our instructors, who will design a unique plan for you to develop the necessary skills to achieve your goals.

And this won’t cost you anything, it’s a vote of confidence from our team for you!

Date and time
Jan 27th, 2022, 6:00 PM EST

What is included?

Real-Time Workshop
Unlock your Power Skills

Global platform access
• 14 days full access
• 574 weekly live-group Workshops, and Mindfulness & Meditation classes

Ric Soares

Has 20 years of experience teaching meditation and mindfulness for professional athletes, top executives and companies. He has helped Olympic athletes cope with the challenges of high-level competition and has been guiding more than 500 CEOs, top executives, and entrepreneurs to reach their peak performance at work. 

Also, Ric is an entrepreneur that has worked in the development of our studios in Portugal, France, and the USA. He believes in entrepreneurship as a path to self-development. 

In 2019, he received a citation from the President’s Office and the Borough of Brooklyn (NYC) for his contribution to helping young people increase vitality, manage stress, and develop focus.

Bonus: Access to our mental well-being platform of live-group classes

+570 weekly live-group workshops, and mindfulness classes

Available in 4 languages

+240 world-class teachers

+20.000 community members

What are Power Skills?

The World Economic Forum launched in 2020 the 15 skills of the future. They are the skills you will need to prosper and live well in this rising uncertain and complex world.

Nine of these fifteen skills are Power Skills, and you can develop them through our program of active learning workshops called Mindfulness Design®.

Analytical thinking and innovation

Active learning and learning strategies

Complex problem solving

Critical thinking

Creativity, originality and initiative

Leadership and social influence

Persuasion and negotiation

Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility

Reasoning, problem solving and ideation


“… Establish trust in virtual relationships and manage higher levels of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the future.”

“Manage emotions during stressful situations by breathing correctly…”

“Meditation is a state of awareness and lucidity…”

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Questions & Answers

Our vision is inspiring people to live a more present and purposeful life.

We base our work in two verticals:

1. Developing power skills to achieve peak performance at work.

2. Science-proven techniques to achieve greater mental well-being.

We teach that through our platform that counts with more than 570 weekly real-time classes.

You will discover a step by step, through assertive questions, that will lead you to better understanding of your habits and discover techniques that will help you enhance mind and body well-being as the a pilar for achieving peak performance in all areas of your life. 

Yes! Both the workshop and the 14 days access in our well-being platform.

Yes, but show up in real-time to clarify your doubts and engage in the workshop.

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