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Mistake #1
Many people confuse meditation with relaxation

Neither in the West nor in the East ... There are few practitioners who know what meditation is. On our trips to India, we visited many schools, even near the Himalayas, and we found that even there few teachers and schools really teach efficient and original methods.

Many people think that meditation is to reduce awareness, to listen to a recording ... that is just to relax and that it will make the person slow and without productivity. But actually, meditation is the opposite, it is to raise awareness, it is to expand it, it is to enhance lucidity. Meditation stimulates the brain with exercises, promoting insights, intuitions and creativity. Meditation is turning off the emotions and the scattered thoughts. It is to powerfully increase focus and productivity, clearing the mind from the difficulties, making you live the present moment with more intensity. Some people say they wake up after meditation training... how do they wake up? Were these people asleep? It's the other way around. When you go into meditation state it is as if you have been asleep all your life and in that moment of meditation you wake up!

Mistake #2
Practicing meditation alone has less efficiency

Pure meditation, without other techniques that support it, is less efficient, and it is more difficult to meditate. It is necessary to practice before meditation: breathing exercises, concentration techniques, body techniques, relaxation, among others.

Many types of meditation fail because they do not prepare the practitioner for meditation practice. They do not prepare the body, nor the emotional, nor the mind previously. For example, what's the use of trying to turn off your thoughts if your anxiety has not even been turned off? And to slow down anxiety there are powerful breathing techniques.

This makes the practice extremely difficult, and it is the main reason many people give up meditating. Many methods do not use these devices because they use meditation outside the original, millenarian, and more complete context.

Mistake #3
It takes a lot of time to meditate

As I explained in topic # 2, practicing meditation out of context and without a complete method is less efficient and much more difficult. However, it is not only this error that happens. The practitioner who does not use an original method and with the support techniques will need much more meditation time to obtain the same effects that a more complete method reaches in much less time. In addition, less complete methods make the practice boring.

An authentic method is extremely enjoyable to practice, generating an extremely positive feeling and stimulating progress.

Mistake #4
Lack of discipline and someone experienced to track progress

If you do not practice meditation in a disciplined way, it will not work. If you do not have an experienced teacher to guide you meditation may not work as well.


Outcome #1
Enhance your focus and mental clarity

A neuroscientist from Harvard University has done an extensive research on the effects of meditation. She used brain scanners and what she found really surprised her positively! Meditation actually modifies your brain!

The practitioner of meditation increases the size of the brain's gray matter in some regions such as the sensory cortex, which increases your ability to become more present in life and to be more self-aware. It also increases the frontal cortex that is responsible for memory, focus and the ability for a better decision making. They also realized that the practitioner gains a greater ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s known by science that the frontal cortex decreases with aging, but a 50-year-old meditator has the frontal cortex with the same size as a 25-year-old regular person!

As a conclusion, the study showed that 2 months of training are sufficient to begin increasing certain regions of the brain.

Outcome #2
Stress management + high performance development

Stress is best managed through a powerful meditation training. The psychologists Yerkes and Dodson developed a powerful theory between brain performance and stress. In the picture bellow, it is showed that the absence of stress generates apathy and boredom which reduces the professional performance of the person for lack of stimuli, at the same time it shows that a lot of stress generate over time a series of health problems that also decrease the professional performance of the individual due to excess. The problems generated by chronic stress are in increasing order: irritation, anxiety, fatigue, burnout.

So, for you to operate on high brain performance you need to relief your stress, and meditation is powerful in that regard.

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If you want to succeed in business you cannot do what everyone else does. You need to go further, you need to stand out from the crowd, while others may rest you work with focus, to have lots of energy and manage the emotional pressures. So how can you have the career of your dreams without compromising your lifestyle?

The DeROSE Method teaches Techniques that develop vitality, efficiency, concentration and a better management of time and stress. Our Concepts fine-tune especially the management of relationships and how to optimize them.

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Stress is the psycho-organic state produced by the gap between the individual's potential and the challenge they face. To manage stress, the DeROSE Method increases the practitioner's energy levels to raise their potential and empower them to face the challenge from the top down.

Stress itself is a good thing. Without it, human beings would be vulnerable and lacking the aggressiveness necessary to fight, work or create. Stress is only bad when it is excessive, that never stops or is exceptionally frequent.

Between one psychophysical alarm and another, the person needs to be able to recover from this state of extreme organic and mental tension. To do so, the person would have to experience this state of tension less frequently or, therefore, possess specific techniques to minimize the generalized fatigue resulting from the excessive stress, which otherwise produces a chain reaction of side effects such as infarction, high blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, depression, nervousness, decrease in productivity, hair loss, reduced immunity, herpes, digestive problems, ulcer, gastritis, sexual impotence, back pain and the worst side effect of all health problems: medical bills!

Simply reducing stress is enough to alleviate all those side effects, which any treatment would rarely be able to truly cure definitively. The treatment would be merely palliative or mask the symptoms.

DeROSE Method is one of the most efficient resources for reducing stress to healthy levels. For this reason, there are many entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, artists and professionals who are seeking the DeROSE Method for the extra dose of energy and dynamism they need, while simultaneously managing stress.

Ninety percent of people feel the effects of stress management after their first session.

THE ATTITUDE By Gustavo Oliveira

DeROSE Method Teacher
Director of DeROSE Method TriBeCa

I have always been intrigued by the fact that some people can reach a better performance than other. I know that at a base level we are all intrinsically equal. But why is it that some business people and sportsmen can reach unique heights?

I grew up watching Formula 1, where drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher displayed incredible performances. I was in awe as I watched Kelly Slater win 11 World Titles. As I started completed my studies and started to delve deeper into business I observed and tried to learn from Steve Jobs, Jorge Paulo Lemman, Ricardo Semler and DeRose. The commonality were results above average.

As time passed my professional and sporting experience expanded and I realized that there was "something special" to the most successful people. As I grew more successful I was lucky to have experience with many successful people and I learned, almost by osmosis, a series of learnings. I learned much by reading their biographies. All this knowledge was augmented and expanded as I practiced and benefited from the DeROSE Method.

Through the accumulated experience and learnings I was able to become professionally accomplished. This meant that when I started to give lectures and teach courses, many people asked me how I could manage so many activities. How did I have such success while maintaining a fulfilled personal life? It was because of these questions and to share these insights that I created the courses "High Performance Method" and "10 Attitudes for High Performance". As I gained more insights, I also wrote text such as the one you are reading now.

In short, what I concluded was that while we all the the same potential, it is the inner attitude and the attitude towards what you face that will move you above the average. We can observe that, for example for high performance athletes, the physical and technical training is extraordinary. Amongst businesspeople, the intellectual training is very intense. But the competitive advantage lies in the emotional and mental training of the individual. The training which consistently forms a differentiated inner attitude that ensures above-average (or extraordinary) results.

As a result, I have collated a list of the main actions and attitudes that we must develop to achieve High Performance. The more of these elements that are present, the better the results.

- Focus and concentration;
- Creation of archetypes;
- Personal motivation;
- Mental and emotional Mastery;
- Self-study;
- Contentment;
- Self-Surpassing;
- Commitment;
- The Cumulative factor;
- The Associative factor.

I hope that this text can be a useful resource for you to find the path that will lead you to the accomplishments of your dreams.



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Develop your full potential at work and in life through a high performance training.


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