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A Noble and Unique Profession

We are a growing international organization of entrepreneurs with over fifty years of experience training world class DeRose Method teachers/coaches/entrepreneurs.

Our professional training program is, perhaps, the most extensive and demanding in the world, but a key feature is the unique mechanism allowing the student to begin working almost from the start.

We believe that our professionals should balance work and study at the same time.

The professional training program consists of three stages. Once successfully completing the requisites of the first two stages of the vocational training program, the new DeRose Method professional can begin working and gaining experience as a DeRose Method entrepreneur and teacher, meanwhile continuing to progress in our tier system.

Who are our professionals?

Our professional training is not for everyone, but it may be for you. Our professionals are people who seek to unite professional opportunity, healthy lifestyle and an incredible willingness to make their mark for a better world.

In general, they are young men and women of good culture who like to learn continuously, who enjoy traveling and being part of a global community. They are people who seek constant personal improvement and have an open mind.

If you live in a distant city

Even if you reside outside Lisbon, you can be a practitioner and participate in distance learning training course. Most of the course will be held remotely over the internet, and you will have to attend in person only in a few steps of the process.

Professional Program Training Stages

1. Beginner level

You become a student of the school in the beginner's degree and in 2 months you take a test to pass to the next degree, yellow and thus be able to apply for a place in the Professional Training course. 

2. 1st Module: Philosophical Immersion

The first module is an in-depth study of philosophical foundations taught at DeRose Method schools. To be eligible for admission students must meet all basic requirements, and desire to advance in both their studies and practice. Students interested in this module must solicit an interview with the Director for admission. It is not necessary that students aspire to enroll in the 2nd Module of the Professional Training Program.

3. 2nd Module: Pedagogical and Entrepreneurial Training

The second module focuses on the development of teaching skills, pedagogy and all of the elements used in the transmission of our Culture and Methodology. This module is oriented towards the preparation of teachers of future teachers. Students learn to teach with the vision of training more teachers. You will also have an initial entrepreneurial training in order to succeed in your career. For admission to this module students must meet all basic requirements and solicit an interview with the Director for admission.


At the end of the 2nd Module if your coach thinks you are ready, you will be able to apply for an exam at the local Federation. Being approved, you can apply for an internship in some DeRose Method entity. The internship will provide practical guidance and first hand experience in all aspects of being a DeRose Method entrepreneur. You will keep learning and improving, while working and developing your career.