Aulas Online


Duration: 15-minutes

Explore and optimize your breathing process through challenges that will shift your well-being.

Body Intelligence

Physical training

Duration: 55-minutes

Develop body awareness through physical techniques that challenge your strength and flexibility.


Duration: 25-minutes

Exploring the flexibility of your body with mindful breathing.

Meditation & Breathwork

Duration: 25-minutes

Develop a solid foundation of breathing, self-awareness, relaxation, and focus so you can improve your meditation experience. Manage stress, sharpen your focus, and silence your mind.

Meditation, Breathwork & Movement

Duration: 55-minutes

Level 1

The first step to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and improve your focus. This class is a fusion of techniques: breathing, vital organs health, body awareness, relaxation and meditation.

Level 2

This class contains a unique and even more complete collection of techniques. The level II classes take you to the next stage: enhancing your energy levels, mastering your emotions, and silencing your mind.

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“… Establish trust in virtual relationships and manage higher levels of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the future.”

“Manage emotions during stressful situations by breathing correctly…”

“Meditation is a state of awareness and lucidity…”